Storm Terrorizes Palm Desert Homes

The city of Palm Desert and Palm Desert Country Club were surprised with a very disastrous storm the other day. Although the storm was short, it packed a punch. Among the damage included collapsed trees, damaged roofs, and downed power lines. It is unusually for Palm Desert houses to witness this type of weather change, but not impossible. Always ensure that your home's roof and other physical structures are regularly inspected for possible hazards.

Let's Make a Deal!

As the Palm Desert real estate market continues to grow and expand, one thing will always hold constant: the citizens of Palm Desert want a DEAL! Gone are the days of finding foreclosures on every block and finding homes for far lower than their worth. However, that does not mean that the deals are not still out there on the market.

The Palm Desert real estate market is an interesting one. While looking in the Palm Desert MLS, one will find homes of all types, including low end and high end. In fact, there is still a greater number of sellers than there are buyers, giving real estate buyers the advantage. Contact us for how to find your next deal! 

Update on the Palm Desert Real Estate Market

You always hear people asking how the Palm Desert real estate market is currently doing. Is it a buyer's market or a seller's market? Within the past few months, the Palm Desert real estate market has really BOOMED! Palm Desert homes are selling, and selling fast!  Just within the past two weeks, we have seen increased traffic on our Palm Desert listings, and have been able to help out many people looking to buy!

We are still in what is considered to be a buyer's market. The number of homes in Palm Desert outweigh the number of buyers. This, paired with the low interest rates, is excellent news for buyers! Their dollar is able to stretch a little further, and we are confident that we can find everyone a terrific deal!

Should I Use a Large or Small Real Estate Firm?

Some people wonder if there is a benefit to working with a large real estate firm over a smaller one. Although both have the capability of helping you buy or list your Palm Desert home, a Realtor from a larger real estate firm can help you achieve those goals easier and often quicker. 

At a company like Keller Williams Realty, we have a vast amount of agents that are not really our competitors, but our teammates. Once a home gets listed for sale, hundreds of Keller Williams Realtors are actively pursuing buyers for your Palm Desert property! 

Buying in a Gated Community

Gated communities can be very beneficial for someone looking to buy in Palm Desert or another Coachella Valley city. Those looking to buy Palm Desert real estate may be looking for a place that they can feel secure with the 24-hour security while they are gone. Others may be interested in a private golf membership.

For those that own Palm Desert real estate, living in a gated development creates a sense of community with those within. Many people enjoy the idea of making new friends within the community. It is not a coincidence that a majority of new residential Palm Desert real estate is within gated communities.

Where Should I Buy?

As you drive through the Coachella Valley, you begin to realize the beauty that each city brings. Although each city is within the same valley that we call home, you can't help but think that each city has its differences. This is especially the case for potential homebuyers. Choosing the right city for them is not as easy as it sounds.

Whether you buy in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, or anywhere else in the valley, the perfect weather is determined to follow! But when digging deep into the home search, one must think about the location that is best for factors such as work, family, or entertainment. If you are looking at buying a house in Palm Desert, you will most likely find increased entertainment, retail shopping, and great schools; whereas, if you are looking to buy in a city like Indian Wells, you will find quiet relaxation and a sense of community.

Homes in Palm Desert and homes throughout the valley have their pros and cons, so choose wisely! If you have any questions about which city is best for you, call or email us! We're always here for you!

Stop Paying Your Landlord's Mortgage!

In most cases, the house, condo, or apartment that you live in is the landlord's investment property. This means that you are most likely paying your landlord's mortgage plus extra money that goes into his or her pocket. By the time you move into the house that you are renting, you will have paid a pretty penny in first and last month's rent and a security deposit.

By purchasing your own home in Palm Desert or throughout the Coachella Valley, we can help you put that money into a home that you can call your own! Being a homeowner has many advantages, including pride of ownership, tax benefits, and the possibility of building equity. 

There are some great government assistance programs available to help make your dreams of buying a home in Palm Desert become a reality. In certain scenarios, you may find that actually buying a house is cheaper than renting a house.

Feel free to ask your Palm Desert Realtor how you can take advantage of these incentives!

Summer Is Around the Corner!

It is that time of year again. The temperatures are rising quickly and the snowbirds are packing their bags. Those that call the Coachella Valley home during our Winter months are heading back to their Summer homes in places such as Canada, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, and more!

This is usually the time that business in the valley dips; however, we are expecting a very busy Summer ahead of us. Thanks to the increased tourism in the cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and the other cities in the Coachella Valley, the valley has become less seasonal and more full-time.

June, July and August are also busy months for remodels! The seasonal homeowners of the Coachella Valley often begin to transform their home while they are out of town. Once they return to their homes in the Fall, they will be able to enjoy the beauty of the local desert without the stress of dust and construction!

See you soon Snowbirds!