About us

Team Magsam is a dynamic brother and sister real estate team with unlimited drive and unbeatable energy. Both Brad and Molly Magsam live and breathe the world of business and Palm Desert real estate, along with the rest of the valley. Coming from a Coachella Valley based family business since the eighties, they were raised with a common goal: take care of the customer, and do so with integrity. Brad and Molly were both born and raised in the Coachella Valley, leaving zero doubt that they have unmatched familiarity of the local market and a wide range of contacts. Team Magsam is not afraid to get their hands dirty to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients, and they are confident that they can help you with your real estate needs.

Our Mission

Brad Magsam and Molly Magsam are here to take care of all of your Palm Desert real estate needs. Whether you want to buy the house of your dreams or sell your house for top dollar, we are here to help lead the way! Team Magsam Real Estate and Keller Williams Realty can help you secure a place to call "home". Specializing in anything from low-end to high-end housing, Team Magsam Real Estate knows how to get the job done! Let us help you buy real estate in Palm Desert and throughout the Coachella Valley!

No one will work harder for you.

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